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A whole bunch of questions for the cognicenti

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I just recently found out that post retirement I have enough financial substance to consider a lifelong dream, the content of which should be evident since I've posted this on this forum. But a few practicalities remain that need to be considered:

Is there any particularly unreliable V-8 Ferrari, that would be hard to keep useable on a daily basis?

Is there a V-12 Ferrari that's in the ballpark with the V-8's as far as cost of purchase and maintenance expenses?

How important is it that the car be serviced by a Ferrari dealership, none of which may be nearby?

Is it possible to flat tow a Ferrari for lengthy distances? My plan is to motorhome the south in the winter (here in Buffalo New York, getting the hell out of here for the winter post retirement is a no-brainer). Originally I had it in mind to tow an Acura Integra but a 308/328/whatever, or a different model you folks on this forum come to consensus about would be a lot more of everything worthwhile (Duh!). I haven't bought the motorhome yet; if the Ferrari thing works out but it needs to be on a trailer, the motorhome choice therefore has a requirement to be met: pull a car trailer. The Integra would go on one of those front-wheel dollies, but a rear-drive car must certainly have some further considerations. Any insights? Anyone else doing this? Should I stick with the Acura?

Thanks in advance for whatever anyone can offer me in the way of advice, experience or admonishment.
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Thanks for the reply. After thinking about it for a while it occurred to me how dumb an idea it was to consider flat towing a Ferrari! If I DO combine the realization of 2 lifelong dreams (owning a Ferrari and being free to cruise the homeland top to bottom), a trailer it will be- in fact there are race-car transporters that show up now and then on eBay Motors that would work just fine.

I guess what I really need to examine critically is whether I should combine the rigors of living on the road for a few months in a motorhome with dealing with a Ferrari at the same time. I have a 4 bay garage at home, where I'll be for the summer months (nobody in the contiguous 48 states has better summer weather than we do, if we're lucky), which would be a better place for a Ferrari than dragging along behind, into unknown service and at risk a whole lot of ways. The Integra is better for that role.

Again, thanks for writing. And it's just marvelous to find a mature car forum, absent the teen dreamers that have pretty much ruined Road and Track's, and Car & Driver's forums.
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I thought to include a small motorcycle in my "kit"- I have no wife any more (thanks to fortuitous divorce) so instead I have a 4-bay garage full of toys, 6 bikes among them including a couple of dual-purpose dirt-street Yamahas from ages ago and an ancient trialer (TY175). My days in the dirt at too much speed are pretty much in the past- 62 year old bones and a commensurate vivid imagination of wheelchairs and such make trials my sort of off-roading, except I've sort of burned out off-roading over the last 40-odd years. So the wilderness isn't really on the menu- my idea of "motorhoming the country" (to coin a phrase) leans more toward urban delights, and maybe a beach or two. I have a summer home in the Adirondacks for quiet lakeside retreating in a forest during our excellent summer; finding the 4 star restaurants, art museums, concert and theater venues in the cities of the winter-warm parts of this country is what I had in mind. Thus the Integra- nice snappy little car with a purposeful growl at 6000 rpm, sticks to corners well, has air and cruise and 40 mpg, and front drive for towing in one of those dollys that carry the front wheels (thus low hitch weight, but backing up problems as someone correctly pointed out here). Behind a reasonably sized class C with a big block GM engine, things should go ok. I've heard that the Ford V-10 that lately shows up in a lot of RV's is a true glutton for gas- can you confirm that rumor?

I used to really enjoy the car magazine forums. I posted maybe a few hundred on both R&T as Eddyvf750 (after the model of my Honda motorcycle) and C&D as V8Datsun (after my '73 240Z with a small block Chev in it). But lately they've degenerated into arguments over which is "better", an Enzo or the Mercedes supercar or a Lamborghini, each furiously defended by someone who's never even seen these cars except in the mags, much less driven one of them.

And yes, I've dreamed of owning a Ferrari all of my life since I first read Road & Track in the mid 1950's. I have a copy of their 1958 road test annual wherein they collected all the road tests they published that year. Such cars as Morgan 4/4, Porsche 550, Jaguar XK-SS (roadgoing D-type), and my favorite, a Ferrari 2.5 Liter TRC (Testa Rossa Competition) are there, and I've memorized what they had to say, having read the articles countless times since 1958. Just recently, after I had a detailed accounting of my retirement finances, much to my surprise I found I have enough resources to contemplate a 328 in good condition along with everything else I had planned, and there aren't words to describe the excitement and deep joy the idea of really, actually owning a Ferrari gives me. But I'm sure if anybody knows what I'm talking about, you fellows do. And I apologize for the length of this; I'm so excited I can't sleep and so here I am blathering away. It feels like the time just before I picked up my first date with a female that eveyone knew to be emancipated (to say it nicely).
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I thought of a bike as well, but I'm not much into the cruiser thing so it would have to be a sport bike which isn't as appropriate now as it was, and anyway I'd like to be free of weather considerations. And it's also probably true that any female I might find along the way that I could intice into accompaning me might balk at a motorcycle. Odds aren't good for 62 yr old bald guys no matter how glib and I wouldn't want transportation considerations to intrude on whatever scrap of good luck I might enjoy in that respect.

And thanks more than I can say for offering advice on buying a car to me. There's no one around here that I can turn to for advice/information/instruction/admonishment re: Ferraris. Spending $40-odd thousand in the dark is a bit daunting!
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