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Ugly looking spoiler but easily fixed -- I have been there before several times too! I guess it is the price for owning a low riding sports car. It seems that they deliberately make road obsticles to just be high enough to make contact for our cars but not regular cars. You might consider a thin polyurethane or aluminum spoiler guard on the underside for the future -- I have one on my 550 and had one on my Testarossa in the past and it helps some. Regarding the plastic film though, it can help with chips but does discolor to a yellow amber color in time and sometimes can pull the paint off when you change it, especially on newer paint jobs. I use helicopter tape on my race cars and it only seems to delay the inevitable. I used to worry about the chips but was enlightened by a fellow Ferrari owner at a concourse once when he said " when it gets bad enough just have it painted!" We were having a discussion about the bra on the Testarossa I had that had one of the straps unknowingly come off and been vibrating and damaging the paint on my way over to the event! Some nose protection, huh?
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