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A well used 550 front end.

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I finally received another photograph of my car. I lost my first. If you look, you will see I have met the curb twice. The side in the shot is the worst.

That is not my problem. For only $150, I can get it fixed like new by a pro. Now look at my paint on the front end. What should I do? A front end paint job might even match my car. I will nick it up again. Does anyone ever drive with that plastic coating on it? How many miles will it be before bang, another chip?

How this posting of a photograph works!


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4i2fly said:
I would get it re-painted and install the 3M Invisible shield. It works great! I have it on my 360Modena. You can not tell the car has it unless you get very close to it. Ferrari of SF did it for me but you can get the kit for fraction of the price. It is very simple to put it on. I did it on my Porsche:

When I was at Ferrari of SF for their open house a few weeks ago, they had Enzo with the 3M film all over the car. The entire car was covered with this shield. You know for sure you will not get a scratch. The guy said close to $5k for the entire job.

Good Luck!
That sounds great, i wonder if they do that kind of thing around this part of the world...
thanks for the link Stradale, but they're based in the states, so no luck there, it's unlikely for me to ship it over there for a 3M fitting. :eek: Anyone back home capable enough to do it?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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