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Bart said:
I found this on another Ferrari web page. It is a poll on modern (1980 +) Ferraris. Of course, I voted for the best Ferrari of these times.

Can you guess my vote?

Do you have some kind of affiliation with Sodacoms there Bart? :wink: :green:

We all know you voted for the greatest car on the planet, "your beast" but it is funny because it looks like the majority aren't in agreement with you. :roll:

BTW the new layout on that site is nice.

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Am I stupid or what?

Hey Bart

Looking like you are landed with both feet on the ground :p

Poll shows majority loves the eight cylinders :lol:

So whats your point Bart

Are you now gonna change your quote?

Always drive less then twelve cylinders, eight will do just fine :eek:ha:

Twelve cylinders only fun If you want to compensate something :oops:

Bye Bye

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Well, last time I checked, more 348s and 355s were produced than 550s and 575Ms. So, probably more people have driven those types of automobiles and that is there "favorite" ferrari. Since most probably haven't tried a V-12 yet, they don't know what they're misssing. Remember, the 550 and 575M technically aren't sports cars, they are Grand Touring cars.
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