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Stradale said:
Every single one of the drivers use left-foot braking. It's a carry-over from their Kart Racing, into F3 and on to Formula 3000 until they're in F1. Only David Coulthard and Rubens Barrichello still do conventional braking, with their right foot.
Also, even of those who do right-foot braking, would they really want to control the two axles independently in real-time, or to keep using the brake-bias knob (or lever)? Because ask any motorcycle driver: to consistently get the right balance without locking up either tire, there's simply twice as many axles to keep track of (i.e. tracking whether it's flat-spotting the tire(s)) and whilst motorcycles might have a frequent and significant fore/aft weight distribution change depending on rider position, etc., I doubt F1 cars would see many benefits from 2 separate pedals which the bias-knobs don't already provide.

If anything, a pedal to the right of the throttle with an extra master cylinder to put supplementary pressure into the hydraulic tubes on one axle with the cylinder sized to give very fine control might be better, but even that might just add more weight than it's worth, and it's a bit much like a 'cutting brake,' which is more useful and common for offroad racing than on, and then is usually a handbrake for the rear axle since offroaders tend not have the extra foot unoccupied...

Personally I'd want the ability to use my left foot to drive an electronic switch which lights up a picture of a middle finger for when someone tries an improper pass. :)
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