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Luca said:
A friend said i should ask him two questions.

1) Where is the engine cover quick release?
2) How do you get the petrol cap open when the electronic release fails?

And the answers should be

1)The quick release for the engine cover is above your right shoulder built into the firewall (assuming it's a RHD).
2)The electronic release for the fuel cap can stick. To open it up, you have to open the engine cover, then behind the petrol cap there is a release switch.

1) Negative. The quick release is inside the fuel filler cap cavity next to the fuel cap. I am not sure what the pull-cable above your right shoulder in the cabin is for. Can't see a reference to it in the manual.

2) Yes this is true, the manual release for the fuel filler cap is in the engine compartment just above the left shock absorber. It's a rubber handle-type thing that just sticks out.

Of course, you're really screwed if the fuel filler cap AND the engine cover fails, because you need the latter to get access to the former.

Whoever told you the other answers is a complete liar
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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