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A new Dutch Ferrari Forum

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Hello Everybody specially for Dutch people or who speak dutch

Yesterday I have made a Ferrari Forum. It is also made whit phpBB.
And now I am looking for members. The url is
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Very nice forum but do you have database support I'm getting querey errors? Also this forum [] has multilanguage support. See this topic for more information
Yes I know there is a databas error. Only i doesn't now to solve it.
I solve the problem. Dutch guys come to my site the url is:
So i registered, but then i get that e-mail send to me for the activation, but if i click on the link, it doesn't work. And i can't logon to the site

BTW as far as i know there are only 3 dutch speaking people on this forum. Me, you and *modena*
That is not much, but there are more people who speak dutch and are Ferrari Fan.

And the broken links are made.
Yes I know but how do i do that.
get your meta tags in order
ask at websites to link you
and report the site to search engines
start with dutch websites and searchengines
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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