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A new 456M in my garage...

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And I have got to say, this one is soooo pretty!
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Well...grand total in 1:18 scale - 151...106 cars/trucks and 45 motorcycles. :green:

Ferrari...I am up to 38 but if you add in the Ducatti's...5 more. (Since Ducatti is the Ferrari of the motorcycles anyway.)

Maserati's; I only have 2 so far. Yes I am lagging in that department, but have to start somewhere right?

And hey Dr. Bob...thanks for keeping that album bookmarked! I guess I should go update it to add the latest additions. :wink:

Bazil...thanks! This color was hard since it kept "orange peeling" on me. I had to strip it twice to get it the way I wanted it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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