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a loan/lease for ferrari 2003 360 spyder f1

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i hope someone out there can help me out. where do i get financing for an auto of this expense? suggestions? refferals? credit is excellent, cash down is strong. i am located in los angeles. dont want to rely on dealer.... i like options.... larry

the ferrari i want; 2003 red 360 spyder f1 -- where can i find the car? i want miles under 2k.

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Since no one has yet replied, I might as well go right out and say it. A 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder will be difficult to find with your specifications at a reasonable price. This probably explains why you have not yet found what you are looking for. You should be aware of how inflated the price will be because of your narrow specifications. Perhaps you should broaden your search to at least include several years of production for the car. I am aware that you want something new, but you should be aware of how much "new" will cost you. The Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder price has been inflated quite a bit by the demand for the car. I am recommending that you look into other Ferrari models whose prices have not been as inflated or at least a wider range of model years for the 360 your are looking for. Remember, every Ferrari is fast and enjoyable to drive. I wish you luck in finding your dream car.
From what I've read elsewhere, the waiting list for a 360 Spyder in the US is at least 4 years. So a 2003 car with low milage is going to cost more than a new car that you have to wait 4 years for delivery. NO you can't get a low milage spyder for "reasanable price". You have to pay premium for it.

Try for a 2002 car with less than 10,000 miles, maybe you'll have better luck.
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