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Today my beast told me to stop by the place where it gets its maintenance. I met a gentleman with a beautiful Mondial T. It was red/tan and very sharp. My friend was not happy to see me because he had much work to do on many Ferraris. He knows I will take his time. Oh, well; he loses but gains.

Side Bar: a license plate at the place on a pretty 355 read: “IAMMRBS”. Now this takes balls.

I listened to the Mondail’s owner complain about a problem. He had taken it to another place. The other place was a big and fancy joint. There were many exotics there being repair. The man did not like paying a lot of money to have his machine fixed, which was not. Larry told him which things could be wrong with it and I knew he was right. Knowledge is king in life.

I know the owners out there have their favorite place to take their charge. One must have trust in whoever does the work on the beast.

Written by a man into his cups after a driving my 550.


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