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I stopped by my local Ferrari dealership. As I was parking, I notice a big pick up backing a fifth wheel trailer into the service bays. After the trunk was in the garage, the doors shut.

Last week I had to stop by again. This time I was told why the doors were shut. A 599 was in the trailer. The gas had to be drain from the car. The car was going for a ride back to Italy. No one was to see or know about the car.


Darn, I wish I had a company like Ferrari. It markets greatly at no cost. It turns away business. Nuts, what could I do to emulate Ferrari’s marketing?

Maybe I should get a 599. No, I like my 550. The 599 does not smile like my 550. My 550 is a happy car. The 599 growls like most cars of today. Maybe they all remember the 550 and are sad because they are not one. Who knows?

By the way, tomorrow I drive the beast. On Wednesday, I take the sweet thing for another major. I am a few miles over it but what the hay. It will be in the hospital for two weeks according to the mechanic. This really means a month or 6 weeks. Rats.

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