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A black Enzo

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I just came back from watching the USGP. There was a black Enzo there. The owner started it up. Then he revved it. Wow. Did it sound sweet! One other thing, the hood was up. The engine did NOT vibrate at all. Just by looking at the engine, one would think it was off but it was not. Talk about smooth.

This happened to be a replacement Enzo. The original one was destroyed at Monza.
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Sounds like you had a great time.

I suppose the engine didn't vibrate, because, isn't it part of the chassis of the car (a stressed-member and thus, rigidly-attached, like the F50)?

In any case, Ferrari engines do run really smoothly. I've noticed that even my little V-8 hardly moves at all when revved...
It must be balance so well.

I take it you didn't get any pictures to post on here?
Not the same one, but I've had the opportunity to see one in black. Nice color combo.

Pics attached.



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that black one is ssooo sweet
i would love to see one outside, i only saw one black enzo at the paris motor show

i asume that car belong to a friend of yours?
cuz it seemed to be placed inside a house where the car has its own room
Awesome photos. How many Enzo's have been delivered? I've already seen a bunch on the internet as well as here in Tokyo.
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