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Question - Why are you completely rebuilding a smog pump with no intention of putting the belt on it? If you aren't ever going to hook up the belt then you don't need to replace the bearings. If you don't want to use the smog pump then I would just leave it out and remove all the brackets for it. That would clean up the engine bay a bit.

You are right about the pump being similar to the one on your Corvette. The pump on your Ferrari is a stock GM unit. Ferrari doesn't make smog pumps, they had to buy them from GM in order to have their cars pass California emissions. Go down to the local discount auto parts place and tell them you have a '79 Chevy. They will hand you a remanufactured smog pump for $50. I think the A1 Cardone part number is either 32-220 or 32-212. Bring in your old one to match it up.
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