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Hi All,

I'm new, and have been poking about a bit, looking at the topics looking for some particular information. This is a great board, and it's wonderful to be a new Ferrari owner and find such a wealth of information. What a great resource. I hope in the future to be able to add to the knowledge bank here.

I recently bought a 1975 GT4. No papers. No history. But gee, that interior looked really nice! "It couldn't be THAT bad", I thought. And luckily, it's not.

The previous owner new nothing of the history of the vehicle, other than the name of the owner he bought it from. And from whom he bought it as a favor to a relative who could not afford the vehicle. Neither then nor subsequently, apparently. So it went on eBay, which is where I found it.

It was once offered for auction at Barrett-Jackson in the early 90's and the bid it received of $19K was turned down. I bought it for $15.5K and drove the 800 mile trip to bring it home to Los Angeles last weekend. And it ran great. With only 2 18" glasspacks, it has quite a roar when you step on it too!

However, the 3rd gear synchro is nearly gone. I can shift up into 3rd from about 3200RPM, which will leave me at 2K in 3rd very quietly. But it cannot be shifted down into 3rd at all, and any attempt to shift up into 3rd from anywhere beyond 3500RPM in 2nd gives a pretty meaty "KA-CHUNK!".

So, I think it's time to replace the synchros.

Does anybody here have any experience doing that? Any reccomendations? Or someplace I can find a walk-thru of the procedure? I can do this myself. I don't need to take it to a shop. But I'd like to see some pics of it being done first, if that's possible. If not, then I'll do it and post them (thus adding to the knowledge base) here when I'm done.

Additionally, I know the Mondial drops out from the bottom. I don't think I'll be so lucky with the GT4. Correct? It comes out through the top?

Thanks a bunch!

Great board!



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Wish I could help. Have not had to do that. I will love to see the pic's though! I will be replacing my clutch cable soon so I will know something about that in a few days! Good luck and keep us posted!


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