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Hello ,
I hope someone can help me. I have a 599 GTB with a bad LCD and led bulb cluster gauge. Although it was working the lcd screen is burnt and led backlights doesn't turn on. So the speedo and tachometer is pitched black at night. Other than that my car drives well. I decided to have my ac serviced by removing the top and center part of the dashboard and at the same time i had the cluster removed and i sent it to this company in California for repair and lcd replacement. I didn't want to buy a new cluster from the dealer. so i just sent it for repair..... The cluster came back and it looked like its brand new. Lcd and led. Works.

i drove my car today and it wouldn't shift to 4th and upwards. No faults...Car stayed on 3rd at 2500 rpm. I pulled over and turned the car off and started it. Car shifts ok for a few minutes then Trans fault came on and wouldn't shift pass 3rd... i drove it to a local Ferrari dealer where it has previous records of service. Initially i was told that maybe i need to top off the trans fluid or change trans fluid. When they installed the computer it will not communicate with the car. The service manager said that there is a loose connection somewhere then he said that before i had the cluster repaired and ac serviced they have a record that there wasn't a problem communicating and reading codes and faults. He said that the cluster gauge is also a gateway for the canbus. .but first they want to trace any loose connection from the harness .
Really hoping someone can shed some light.
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