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575MM voted most beautiful

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575M Maranello and Maserati Coupe voted most beautiful
By the International jury of Automobilia [15/11/02 - 01:30]

his week in Milan, the International Jury of “Automobilia” met to study the forty cars selected to compete in various categories. The Jury was presided over by Bruno Alfieri and was made up of people from the world of art and design, including Gillo Dorfles, Heinz Mack and Bruno Sacco and representatives from Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, United States and Peru. They selected winners of the 2002 “Most Beautiful Car in the World” prize.

The category for sports cars was won by the Ferrari 575M Maranello which scored 16 points, as well as recording the greatest number of votes for overall favourite. In second place came the Maserati Coupe on 10 points.

It is an important decision for the Ferrari group, confirming the two marques efforts in terms of technical innovation and style, achieved in close collaboration with the major exponents of Italian design and style around the world: Pininfarina in the case of the Ferrari 575M Maranello and Giugiaro for the Maserati Coupe. The prizegiving ceremony will take place in Milan next March.
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ofcourse our italian beauty's are voted most beautifull :wink:
I drove by FoH,and they had a row Maser coupes & spyders up front.... :green:
i really love that maser spyder
and it's cheaper then a Modena
The 550 is nicer than the fat 575. The 575 does not smile like the 550.

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