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575 GTC

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What race is Ferrari going to enter the 575 GTC and will it finally be able to beat those Corvettes?

This site rocks!
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well, i haven't been on the look out for the ALMS races (a bit far for me)
but they will be driving in Le Mans and the FIA GT series
YES YES i will see them here during the 24 hours of Spa :green:
Welcome Daytona.

The 575GTC is specially made for the FIA GT series. It can be adapted to ALM and LeMans rules. However all the cars will be entered by privateers and not the factory.
Sebring March 20, 2004

The American Le Mans Series is about to start. The cars in the GTS class will have last year’s overall winner, Corvette; as well as the Saleen, Viper, and :green: Ferrari :green: . A race of these things should be good. I am rooting for my car.

“The highlight of Sebring '04 will likely be the GTS class, which will offer another chapter in the Corvette vs. :green: Ferrari :green: battle, which has reached epic proportions this season. In addition, GTS entries from Saleen, Panoz, Mosler, and Aston Martin are possibilities.” – Sebring website
of course it will beat the corvettes. :eek:ha:
Enzo_Ferrari said:
of course it will beat the corvettes. :eek:ha:

haven't you seen le mans?
Who cares about winning. The 575 is more beautiful :wink: and powerful
think again
more beautifull yes
more powerfull no

the 575 GTC has 605bhp
and the C5-R has 620bhp
15 hyp isn't that much... I think it is more about aerodynamics and durability of the car, quality of the drivers etc.
You know what I mean by power. There is cars out ther that have more power but suck against cars with less power. And the 575 GTC is new so it would be a little off. I agree with Bob about that. Kinda what I meant.
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