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550 reliability and maintenance

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Considering the purchase of a 550, any hints about reliability and maintenance intervals ?
I already have a 355GTS F1 so I know what to expect more or less (i.e. nothing special if the car is properly taken care of), but I am not sure what to expect from a V12.
They always seem to have problems at track days while V8s (355 & 360) seem pretty reliable.
Fbks welcome !
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I have had a 550 for about 6 months. During this time, I have put on around 6,000 miles. The only problem I have had is the oil pressure gauge went south. It showed very high oil pressure and I did not know if I had a serious or just a bad gauge. Well, the gauge needed to be grounded.

Other than that, no problems. I know a guy who has 55,000 on his. Nothing major except for the normal maintainance idems.

Good Luck with the 550. It is so nice.

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