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550 Maranello ECM Programming

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I dynoed my 550 before and after installing Tubi exhaust (the straight thru flavor) and lost about 10 hp and 10 #'s torque. I noticed the air fuel ratio was slightly leaner throughout the rpm range.

Does anyone know how to reprogram the ecm to add the fuel back in?


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This company sells ECU chips. This should help by-pass/trick the Ferrari computer into doing what you want. Check them out:

If you do go with them let them know Ferrari Forum referred you. I know a person there and it would be helpful.
Sorry, one last thing, I got way ahread of myself. WELCOME TO THE SITE :) If you get the chip please let us know how it re-dynos and if they give you a graph post it. We have some 360 graphs and a 328 graph so a 550 would be nice too.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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