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550 & 575 Owners List

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Thought it would be a good idea to make a list of 550/575 owners on Ferrarilife

Please post up a picture of your 550/575 and some info about it. It's up to you what info you want to provide but an example would be:

Model: 550
Year: 1998
Country: Belgium
Steering: LHD
Chassis number: 104952
Ferrari colour: Rosso Corsa
Interior colour: Blanco

In order to keep the thread on topic, please only post once in this thread with all the info you would like to provide on your 550/575.

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355 pzero on the rear---THEY FIT!
I'm very pleased to become a part of this group finally. I've been getting acquainted with 550's for nearly three years, looking in earnest for one year, and just purchased this one from Ferrari of Washington earlier this week:

Model: 550
Year: 1999
Country: USA
Steering: LHD
Chassis number: 114654
Ferrari colour: Rosso Corsa
Interior colour: Nero

Here's a stock dealer photo of the car on the lot:

(BTW, the stain under the car, was NOT from mine :thumbsup:)
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Enjoy it as much as you can!
1998 TDF

Drive it all the time...and love it !




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Bill, that is drop dead beaut: The only dark color that I'd consider. GREAT color combo.
Reminds me I never did show my car here, even if it is overexposed elsewhere. Rosso Corsa with Charcoal and red stitching interior 04 575M. Limited options including FHP, see build sheet, but now has Superamerica CF instrument panel with yellow tach, HGTC exhaust, and Novitec NF2s (9" F, 12.5" R) and Mov'It CER ceramic brakes. Have some more CF to repair and install (seat trim) and will eventually add a leather shelf. OEM CF sills and Carbonio Challenge paddles are installed, too.

Serial Number 135171, Assembly Number 52428.

Terry Phillips


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Taz, Your modifications are great. Really add nicely to the car.
Doug- That is a really pretty Maranello. I almost bought a TdF 575M, but it had a few warts.

Bill- Yours, too.

Terry Phillips
remember this car from last month?

Ferrari : 575 | eBay

This was the car Ankur was interested in but opted for a 599 in the end.
Perry Motors sold it for 102K now its on Ebay being listed by Domani..I dont understand why dealers buy from other dealers and then resell..I dont think there is that much more money in the car..only time will tell.
My 1st post on this forum

Happy to say I am new to this forum today. My vehicle info as follows:

Model: 575M
Year: 2002
Country: USA
S# 130070 (early USA model)
Steering: LHD
Transmission: F1
Wheels: 19" Modulars
Exterior: Nero
Interior: Beige and Nero
Seats: Daytonna - Beige with Nero inserts
My Posession Date: Labor Day 2010
Place of Posession: Valley Forge, PA
Mileage at Purchase: 15,000
Mileage Today: 25,000
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Dominic- Affirmative, I went through the service records for Ankur, but he did get a Ferrari.

Rick- Welcome. I see Andrew already has you signed up as an owner. Good to hear from you again and hope you enjoy it here. Start a thread in the Member Introductions section, which actually gets used here quite a bit.

Terry Phillips
Welcome Rick
maybe one day we will meet up if you take your 575 to local events in the Phila. area..or do you keep it in Fla?

Thanks for the welcome. Nice to finally read your posts again. Always informative and on the mark. No one provided more relevant material than you in that other virtual world. You played a large part in the successful upgrades I have made to my car thus far. More to come.


Thank you as well. Car is currently in Valley Forge for the summer. I had planned on leaving it in Naples but missed it so much I flew down in early June and drove it back to PA over a 5 day period. I stopped to see friends and play golf along the way taking many fine non-interstate roads quite frequently. They were the best 5 days of driving I have ever eperienced. I enjoyed it so much I am planning on driving it back down in October over a 5 to 7 day period. This after I swore I would never drive from PA to FL again after the last time back in 2005. Of course, then, I wasn't driving the proper (or any) Ferrari for that type of road trip.

As far as local events in PA I have only attended the C & C West Chester event twice. I am considering going to the Ferrari Fall Festival in Florham Park, NJ on Sept. 18th.
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another 575 new member

A lurker here in the past, have come to join friends.

2002 575 F1
s/n 128891
Rosso Corsa over nero w/red stitching



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