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512bb tires

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:question: does anyone know what tires can be used on the stock 512 bb 15"wheels?
i have a 1979bb
i have seen bfg tires, but was told that the wheels are metric and i should use the old design michelins. (hard compound)

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If your car uses the metric tires, you are S.O.L. when it comes to choices, as I think only the Michelin are avaliable (and I think not even by Michelin! They may be produced now by Coker Tire).

If you can get a hold of early Boxer, or Daytona 16" knock-offs (7" fronts, 9" rears), you'll have some tire choices avaliable.

What's with the metric tires? Was it because the BB's were never officially imported to the US?? Just a thought....
What' a metric tyre??
and what else is available then?

I don't understand the reasoning why some European manufacturers went with metric tires in the first place. The TRX was a high-performance rated tire and I suppose it met Ferrari's needs at the time. I think Mercedes used it as well. They may have thought it would take-off in popularity and were trying to get ahead of everyone else. Whatever the case, it was a big marketing flop...


The only difference is the wheel rim diameter (which Ferrari used 390 and 415mm sizes on their cars). I don't think there are any other brands that make them, so your only alternative is to purchase an inch-sized wheel.
I cought a ride with a 512bb a couple of years ago and I remember the owner told me about the problem he had with finding the right tyres. If I remember correctly, he used tyres from a Bentley!

For what it's worth: While living in France I had a new set of 15" Michelin installed on my US Mercedes. The tires had metric size on one side and US on the other but the seal area was much wider than the US tires removed. They all ways looked like they were poping of the rims.

Michelin has a Vintage Tire Division. Coker is just a distributor.


Thanks for the link Barry. I was always under the impression that Coker was the one who made the tires.
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