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I have a set of 18" 5 spoke Compomotive 3-piece wheels I'm not using. Below is an old picture going back a few years. I went back to stock TRX setup as the TRX tires are available, and I like how they perform (when fresh). The Compomotive's have maybe 500 miles on them and are pretty crisp, clean and flashy. Kind of the 288 GTO look except Compomotive uses more of the small bolts holding them together. I got them on the car from PO who paid ~11K for the set. I'm looking for opinions on value. I feel the BB is more of a collectible than a track machine. They have a lot of pizzazz, but the BB is pretty sexy looking in primer with 4 flat tires i.m.h.o. .

Just wondering if I were to offer for sale, where to begin?? Is 8k ridiculous, or giving them away? Did they plummet to 50% the day they were delivered? I realize the market on Boxer accessories is pretty specific, and fairly small. At some point I would just hang onto them. Maybe when the TRX's age-out, and I just want some less expensive hi perf tires to enjoy?

Appreciate your opinions

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