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4th gear

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Today, I found out I can run at 6,000 rpm in fourth gear which gives me 120 mph. The nice thing about it, is I still have 1,500 or so rpms left.

I can run and run at this speed and my car appears to like it.

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I once had the pleasure of driving a 930 Turbo Slant nose with the old four speed gearbox. Needless to say the car had some head work, cams, and larger turbo and a DP manual boost control. I hit just over 60mph in first and didn't move out of second until just around 120mph and I still had two more gears to go! :eek: It was rock solid on the road as well. But admittedly as fun as it was any 930 is just a thinly disguised race car. Great for racing about; not something I'd want to use daily. Especially I needed to use the A/C to stay cool. :roll:

To get to my point though, I know how Bart feels. There's nothing like loping along at those speeds and knowing you've still got a lot left in the car. Knowing that it's not really working all that hard. To be able to put it in a gear at 65-75mph and have the tack showing 1,000 to 1,500rpm. 75mph and almost idling the engine. :green: That's an awesome feeling!
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