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I purchased a 2017 488 spider in december 2022. Last week we drove about 45 miles to meet some friends for lunch. After about 2 hours went out to start the car. It started biut displayed a avh failure indicator. In the past I have had cases where an indicator would light up but after turning off and restarting would go away. So I turned off car. When I tried to restart the ocnsole displayed as usual and then immediately went to avh failure and would not start. Engine would not even turn over. I googled avh failure and noticed that maybe there was a problem with parking brake. Turned off parking brake but no good. After repeated tried other systems started failing. Never would turn over the engine. I ended up having ferrari roadside assistance tow to dealer. Dealer has not been able to recreate the problem and car has started every time for them. I am suspicios of the battery but they say battery is fine. They want over $500 to replace the battery. For thatI can replace myself. Any suggestions on what might be occurring. BTW. Car has slightly more that 8k miles.
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