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Just got my 488GTB 2018 from a Ferrari dealership in Silicon Valley less than month ago.

The car has only 6500 miles, the car has another few months of factory warranty. Additionally I’ve purchased the CPO which gives it another 2 years of warranty.

Long story short, went to Ferrari dealership in my home town (different dealership north of SF) to install front diffuser protection and the dealership found a leak which seems to be from the gear (my apologies I don’t know Ferrari that good , I’m avid Porsche owner so it’s new to me).

How Ferrari from Silicon Valley certified the car with this leak ? It was less than a month ago. I almost didn’t drive the car at all nor hit anything.
Also the SA saying the leak is there for long time

this is outrageous.

attached are the pictures with the leaks. The Ferrari technician saying that the yellow stains are the leaks after they applied the “tracing” foams and wen

simply shocked.
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