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I just acquired a 456 GT and it is by far the best Ferrari, and best car I have ever owned. Does anyone know if I can purchase a suspension kit, higher hp computer, or any other mods that can help me refine this car? The handling is great, but could be a little stiffer. I also am wondering if anyone know an aftermarket source for larger wheels. I have the stock 17" and would like to move to 19".

One other question is: Can I buy the smooth hood that is on the 456 M GT and just replace my vented hood? I really like the look of the newer hood, but I prefer the grille of the older 456 GT. Any help would be most appreciated!!!!

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Welcome to the site, make yourself at home. We look forward to helping you.

For suspension you can see the topic below about 308 suspension upgrade. I'm sure Tokiko or Koni make an after-market upgrade for the 456.

You can also install a Tubi exhaust to enhance the performance and HP.

Here is a chip for your car:

I wouldn't put 19 wheels on. I believe that is too large. I would recommend doing what they call a "+1 size." Basically you increase the wheel and lower the profile of the tire to equal the diameter of the existing wheel/tire.

Hope this helps.
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