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456 GT or 456M GT

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This weekend I took a look at a 99 456 M GT and next week I am seeing a 95 456 GT. Both cars have identical mileage, FFSH, but there is a price difference of Euro 35-40,000. Is the "M" worth the extra cost ? Boxer42
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From what i read the modificato version (M) is a substanial upgrade in terms of reliability and service, so i'm guessing it would be worth the extra cost
Botto said:
From what i read the modificato version (M) is a substanial upgrade in terms of reliability and service, so i'm guessing it would be worth the extra cost
And you're also getting a car that is 4 years newer and, IMO, a more attractive car, due to slight styling changes.
Boxer how have you found the 2nd-hand 456 prices? There is a lot of talk about this car topping of the depreciation charts "with a bullet", but the last time I checked the Ferrari Market Letter it didn't seem much different from say a 355 or 550. I think -20% in 2 years may have been the figure.

I guess the issue here is that any price difference paid now (for an 'M', options/extras, etc) will be reducing over time and won't be recoverable, if that's important to you. Happy hunting! :)
In terms of pricing, from what I have seen, right now 456's are selling for equal or slightly less than a same year F355 with similar mileage and condition. If you consider that the 456 was originally sold for +70% more than the 355, the depreciation gap is huge. That having been said, you could probably make a strong case that the 456 should bottom out in the not to distant future given that current market prices are 25-30% of the original list.
One of the improvements on the 456M that I have heard about several times is an improved firing order. Any idea if the 456 can be reprogrammed for the improved firing sequence ?
The 456 GT had a lot of problems. The glass windows don't close properly, there's always a slight opening left and the wind noise at high speed is bad, worse when it rains. That's the main complaint I've heard from 2 of my friends that own the 456. The pop-up headlights often give problems. One or the other will not close, so yopu'll have an open and closed haeadlight. The damper at the rear too always give problem.

They have cured all these in the 456M GT, and that should be the car you should consider. Pay a bit more and be hassle free.
Thanks for the advice. Hard part is the prices on the 456 M's I have seen are all 35-40k above the 456. Great lines on both. Boxer 42
I appreciate all the help and advice on my 456 GT search. I just picked it this great machine. The 456 is a great long distance drivers car. It feels like it is about half the size it really is. Attached are 2 pictures taken very recently. Boxer42


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great, you already picked her up
she looks wonderfull

how was the first drive?
Great looking car! Still one of my favourites!
Thanks. First drive was a blast. Very different from the Boxer but a great drive. Easy to see how you could drive from Paris to Rome in one and arrive relaxed and in good form. A true great GT.
Very nice, I like that color on a 456. I think the 456 is the only Ferrari that doesn't look best in Red (maybe the 550/575 too?). I like your choice for a background. Makes the picture that much better.
Very nice looking car! Enjoy it! 8) 8) :)
Fully agree on the color. I think it looks best in black, dark blue, or dark green. Thanks for the comment on the setting. I was looking for one which would go Mr. Ferrari's creation justice. Boxer42
How did you find your 456? I'm hoping to get my first Ferrari soon, a 456M GTA.
Simon this rate in a few years you will have driven pretty much every newer Ferrari out there….hahaha!!!!!

Is this your 4th Ferrari?

To me, the 456 is amazing for having the power, luxury, interior room, rear luggage space and a soft look to not attract too much attention but still have the prancing horse under the hood.

Congratulations on your new purchase….

Mario, this topic is old, Boxer had the 456 for a while, but sold it some time ago

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