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456 GT - End of a Short Era

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Well, I have decided to put the 456 GT up for sale. It looks like I might have found a 365 BB and any additions must be balanced by a subtraction at this point. The 456 GT really is a great GT and we had a few great long distant trips in it. It is sad to see it go, but hopefully the new owner will be able to give it more frequent usage then it was getting in its old home.

If anyone is interested in a 456 GT, send me a PM and I will forward the details on the Specialist who is listing the car.
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hm, what a petty
but i would have guessed that you would sell the 355 before the 456
I am getting to use the F355 more often than I was the 456 GT. Hence the decision to sell the 456 GT first.
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