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430 Spider

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Does anyone know when the first bunch of Spiders went out from the factory? A friend of mine claims he saw one on his way to work today.
I think he was confused with a 360 but he assures me he wasn't. There is a small exotic car show this weekend here in Calgary so maybe there is one in town for that....
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It probably was a F430 Spider. I don't know if they are in full production but I do know that some have been made.
Yes, the first F430 Spiders have arrived in the US, so I won't be surprised that the first cars have also arrived in Canada. However, there are only a few around, so it's quite special to see one so soon ...
saw one aswell this weekend, and i'm sure i'll see at least 1 more next weekend :D
Very nice looking. How fast was the car going? I'm surprised they are allowed on a track with no helmets.
Not that fast and that's a pretty sharp corner

well i was a bit suprised by that aswell, but it was "free" driving
Here are 2 F430 Spiders in 1 shot.


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Italia à Zandvoort?

I hope the wetter will be good this weekend, that I can take some interior pics of the cabrio's @ Spa
yep Italia a Zandvoort
traffic was horrible and it was way too hot

so Jeroen, i take it that you haven't looked at the weather predicitons yet

you won't be happy
Oh perfect :evil:

Thank you very much :evil:

But Spa has an micro-climate, isn't it? So it will be sunshine all the way :D

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