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NEW - Specific SEB ECU Version for permanently disabling the E-DIFF on the Ferrari F430 - Scuderia - 16M

Since specialized workshops encounter more and more failing E-DIFF differentials (internal hydraulic pressure losses, internal hydraulic leaks mixing with the transmission oil, air leaks entering the hydraulic system, worn friction disks, hydraulic fluid contaminated with differential metallic fillings, random E-DIFF errors, etc.), they asked us to develop a simplified version which permanently disables the E-DIFF whatever the Manettino position is. The cost to replace the entire differential is prohibitive in terms of parts (complete differential #238598 - no individual spare parts) and work hours (transmission out repair). In this case, they and their customers prefer to fix the issue by disabling entirely the E-DIFF, remove the hydraulic hoses and plug the holes at the differential and Power Unit. The E-DIFF ECU itself can also be removed as it will not used anymore.

With this specific SEB ECU version, the E-DIFF will never be activated anymore, no errors will appear on the instrument panel and the car won't go anymore in limp mode because of E-DIFF issues. That's why this SEB ECU version does not have a remote control unit and also does not have the wire harness towards the E-DIFF ECU. It simply plugs directly on the E-DIFF wire harness which has been unplugged from the E-DIFF ECU.

If you need to permanently deactivate the E-DIFF, then this specific SEB ECU version is the right option for you.

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