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from Maranello.
The 61st Frankfurt International Motor Show will be the venue for the unveiling of the new F430 Challenge.

Once again the Prancing Horse has exceeded even its own track-loving clients’ expectations by developing its latest 8-cylinder model to create yet another Ferrari dream car, the F430 Challenge.

For the 2006 season this new 483-bhp single-series racing car will initially compete alongside the 360 Challenge, subsequently replacing the outgoing model. Ferrari’s engineers are currently developing the new model and initial results are already extremely positive – the 1,200 kg car has been timed at 1’18” around Fiorano. That’s 2 seconds faster than the 360 Challenge!

The F430 Challenge is intended to exalt the driving skills of the numerous privateers and gentlemen drivers that race in Ferrari’s highly popular Challenge series, and virtually all forms of electronic driver assistance that feature on the road car – ESP, the manettino and the E-Diff settings - have been removed. The F430 Challenge is thus an uncompromising racing car in the finest Ferrari tradition!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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