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Hey guys

My car needs replacement cam belts due to time, not mileage. (5 years) I intend on using Ferrari of NE for the Service as it is not only the "major" but also a MAJOR pain in the arse to DIY. Lots of things to consider, parts to obtain, things to touch, clean, move out of the way, and reassemble. To many differant systems are affected and I would just as soon leave it to the experts. I'm expecting somewhere ariound 8K to accomplish this task. My Issue is that I also need a 3rd gear synchro. While I am quite sure it will be easier to perform with the engine out, I have no idea how much "extra" its going to cost.

My question for you guys....can the 3rd gear synchro be replaced without engine out? I.E can I do this myself? I have not seen the parts blow up of transaxle. Does the case need to be split? Am I better off just letting them do it? What is a fair price? I want to be more mechanically involved with my pride and joy. A major service is just too deep, but a tranny job might be just the ticket.

Opinions please

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