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3961GT color?

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Does anyone know what color this is? I would like to update the register with this entry.
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Isn't it Azzurro California (Glasurit FER 505/C)

A bright, almost sky blue color, with a metallic tint. Named after the azure blue sky of the California coast. Also knowns as "Azzurro Metallico."
i know who the owner of that car is, else i'll send him an e-mail

It amazes me how affordable the GTE is - I'd really like one of those!!
Stradale said:
Isn't it Azzurro California (Glasurit FER 505/C)
I do not think so, that color is only available since the 360, and this pic is taken at a concours de elegance, so I guees it is the original color
yep, it's an original colour, i do know that he bought the car in the US and had it brought over
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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