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4i2fly said:
Does anybody have firsthand information regarding the Ferrari production change or update for the CAM Variator in the 360Modena engines?

I know of two instances where the CAM Variator has broken off and caused sever damage to the engine. One of those cars is currently in Ferrari of San Francisco and is being repaired. I heard of $22,000 damage to the engine. Apparently, Ferrari is honoring some of the repair cost even though the car is just out of warranty. There is another 360Modena that I read about in the FCA technical discussions, a post by a fellow 360 owner in UK. I have a reply to him and looking for more info, have not heard back yet. I have actually seen a picture of the CAM Variator broken off. Certain engines below a serial number fall into the category of having the faulty CAM Variator ( I will post the serial number later) and includes both the 360Modena and 360Challenge cars. Any information regarding this problem will be greatly appreciated.

the "Variator Control Solenoid Valve" part number has changed for the 360 Modena - from 178406 (valid till stock exhaustion) to 182260 (valid after stock exhaustion of 178406) - so F has changed the part
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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