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360Modena CAM Variator Problem

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I am interested to find out if anyone checking into this forum know or has firsthand information regarding the CAM Variator update for the 360Modena. I am not sure when they have introduced the new part, but apparantly some of the old ones have problem staying together in other words they break w/o notice, and cause major damage to the engine. Does anyone who owns or knows someone who own a 360 experienced this problem?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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Cam variator details

We just had the variators and belt tensioners changed on our 2001 Spider. The issue with the cam variator is that it's responsible for the relationship ("timing") between the cams and the piston. Variators that aren't working properly can leave the valves open too long - so long that the piston comes up and hits the valves before the cam moves them out of the way. Bent valves = bad day.

When they went in to replace the variators, we found that one of the cam belt tensioners was broken. It had cracked and caught itself at a weird angle with the piston at full stroke. Thankfully there was just enough tension on the belt to keep it from eating itself.

Both of the cam belts looked great, by the way, they were original with about 8,500 miles on them and were just under 4 years old.
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