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360 seats question

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I notice that the 360 comes with two varieties of factory seat.

I assume that the standard seat can be reclined to taste (at the expense of "golf-bag space", obviously). My question is: Can the "winged" factory seat be reclined to taste or is it a fixed back?


(for reference, the one on the far right of the following image)
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Stradale said:
Bob, my 360 has the "sports" seat. Yes it can be adjusted for rake by turning the "wheel" adjuster at the outer side of the seat. Yes you can adjust the rake until the back rest is almost touching the steering, just like when the normal seat is "released".
Just the ticket!

Stradale said:
The Porsche "racing" seats which look similar to the Ferrari "sports" seat is not adjustable, however. They are available for the GT3 and GT2 as options.
Yep, I'm aware of this with the Porsches and was hoping that the Ferrari "sports" seats weren't the same - I tend to favour a really laid back driving position and fixed backs just don't work for me at all.

Thanks for the info! :)
Thanks for the info guys.

I'l be sure to post some pics when I finally acquire. :)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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