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Who's up for it!

j/k. :lol:

Actually though, we are talking with a company that would like to make a 360 Modena TT kit. They are based in the US and build several top quality items, including F355 Headers. We are looking for a tester car with enough interest for this to be made over the next few years.

Synopsis: The entire engine would be stripped down and rebuilt with lower compression pistons and all forged internals. New clutch. New exhaust.

We are not looking for a 1 time deal at all. We would like for this kit to be in production, albeit limited, as we expect we could get maybe 7-10 kits sold per year.

Price wise, the more interest, the lower the price. but initially, the cost would be in the $50K range. But for a turn key kit from this company, that is an excellent deal. The Viper TT kit that they produce is sold at the $100K mark and makes over 1100HP. Not that the 360 TT kit would make that much, but you could probably expect between 450-600whp.

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If you read the interviews with Novitec, their R&D guys 1st tried to do a Twin Turbo kit for the 360 and decided it was not the way to go. Apparently there was problems with massive heat build up!

In the end the perfect solution was to use two small centrifugal superchargers instead of 1 big one, this not only improved cooling (superchargers emit much less heat) but also the relatively consistent power increase didn't place as much strain on powertrain or engine as turbo's kicking in.

This also gave a very nice solution because the engine also didn't need to be rebuilt with lower compression ratio pistons. In fact they didn't need to 'open up' the engine at all (!), all they did was use relatively low pressure's and yet they still achieved 25%+ power increases over stock, one spec is 555hp and the other is 608hp!

Parts used; (spec 1, 555hp)
1. exhaust: race exhaust, cats (or test pipes for offroad)
2. fueling: fuel rail, injectors, pump & add-on ecu
3. supercharger: twin small centrifugal superchargers + water coolers

(spec 2, 608hp)
1. carbon fibre air intake's
2. exhaust heat shield

Read all about it on the Novitec website, the interviews from magazines are the most technically revealing, even describing the superchargers used, etc.
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