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360 Modena Sport Seats

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I am looking for a pair of Carbon Fiber Sport Seats for my 360 in Black leather. Currently I have Daytona seats in my car which are in exellent condition which I can trade-in, if someone is interested.

Any help as to where I can find these seats will be greatly appreciated.

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Are you looking for any carbon fiber seat or the ones that were an option? If you are looking for the Ferrari seat itself I don't recall ever seeing a site that sells just these. If you are looking for aftermarket seats contact our sponsor DexM They carry just about every after market part (even if it isn't listed on their site). They are also only one state away so the shipping would be cheap.
BTW, welcome to the site! I went to school in your fine state. I hope you enjoy the site!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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