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360 Challenge Stradale Sounds like a dream

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The new Stradale is a lovely sounding car, the unique sound it produces was probably someting to do with the Tubi Style guys just up the road fron the Factory.....

Its Loud ...but its a nice loud!!! :lol:


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be correct, it's damn amazing :green:

very cool to hear on the track, but it's even more fun if you here one in the city, especially when you hadn't spotted him cuz he's driving slowly, and then he revs he engine a "little" bit :wink: :green:
Sounds like a dream, looks like a dream, is a dream for me. :cry: :cry:
Correction, the Stradale does not come with a Tubi exhaust. It's a normal factory exhaust but designed specially for the Stradale.

The system has a bypass/valve that located just before the muffler. At low speed/rev the gas is directed into the muffler, but at about 4,000 rpm the bypass is activated and the exhaust system becomes a straight through system. Fantastic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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