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360 Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles

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To anyone interested, board sponsor DexM is having a sale on 2 sets of Ferrari 360 Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles. The MSRP on these sets is $750. DexM is offering them at $650. We have 2 sets available. These paddles are pressure cast structural carbon fiber. They are not simply veneer. Picture below. Thanks!:

Contact Jason Cardani
[email protected]


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Stradale said:
BrentC said:
$6.00 with in US going UPS

$15.00 outside US going USPS
Thanks bro. Gotta find a friend in the States that can do a layby for me till my friend goes there.
If your friend is coming to the San Francisco area you just found another friend willing to hold them until he visits.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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