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cencio said:
I recently had my 2000 360 on the local track and drove it pretty hard. Late in the day I noticed that my brakes were fading badly. I immediately did a few cool-down laps and called it a day. However, I noticed on the way home that the brakes did not feel right. I was getting some vibration and extra 'texture' to the pedal feel. The car sat idle for some weeks while I was away on vacation. I now took the car out on a short drive and found that the rear brake vibration and such is still there AND now the brakes are also quite squeaky. I am concerned that I may have warped my rear rotors. If so, can anyone give me an idea how much it will cost to replace the rotors? I can have them looked at locally by a good non-dealer, or wait to get the car to the dealer (which is 375 miles away) for the 15K service, which is due soon. Thoughts?
The rotors could be worped. Just skim then and snadpaper the pads. No need to change the rotors yet.

What I did to my Modena was to replace all the factory brake with steel braided hoses. The brakes becomes better and they last as many laps as you want to drive. The factroy brakes last about 4 or 5 laps and then you have to come in already.
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