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I recently had my 2000 360 on the local track and drove it pretty hard. Late in the day I noticed that my brakes were fading badly. I immediately did a few cool-down laps and called it a day. However, I noticed on the way home that the brakes did not feel right. I was getting some vibration and extra 'texture' to the pedal feel. The car sat idle for some weeks while I was away on vacation. I now took the car out on a short drive and found that the rear brake vibration and such is still there AND now the brakes are also quite squeaky. I am concerned that I may have warped my rear rotors. If so, can anyone give me an idea how much it will cost to replace the rotors? I can have them looked at locally by a good non-dealer, or wait to get the car to the dealer (which is 375 miles away) for the 15K service, which is due soon. Thoughts?
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