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Hi Guys,

I am just about to embark on a new audio installation on my 355 spider. I dont know if it has been done before but feel it needs to be done. Lets face it, hat off to the sound of the finest engine note in the idustry (especially through a capristo de cated exhaust). Acoustically the stereos in these beauties lack a lot! I like nothing more than the wind in my hair, the scream of a 355 pushing 7k+ on the rev counter and my favourite tunes setting the beat that moves me even more. So I am setting my stall out to hear the 355 scream and hitting myself with even more of the buzz!

So far I have bought an Alpine Head unit linked to an I-pod and an Alpine Amp PX-4.100. This is going to power 2 component mids and tweeters and hopefully 2 8-10” subs. I’m told that these can be concealed under the dash????

Also what size door speakers can I fit… and if I do a really nice fitment are they going to affect the cars value (we are talking trimmed in hide and Ferrari emblem trimmed)?

Hopefully one of you guys will have experience with an under dash install… and a serious upgrade in midrage quality... anyone?

Best wishes

Chris (My girlfriend still does not approve)
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