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Where the exhaust headers/manifolds ever replaced on your 355 ?

355 headers/manifolds reliability

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Trying to gather some objective stats on 355 exhaust headers/manifolds (collecteurs in french). I had both replaced on my car in 2003, and they are leaking again ...
I ran a similar poll on fc, with interesting results. More than 30% respondents had one failure at least, the record stands at 6.
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The factory headers on my 1995 F355 lasted 41,000 miles. Just last week I started seeing bad symptoms of cracked headers. Now I'm trying to get the Tubi replacements. Sigh, time to sink 8 thousand more into my 60 thousand Ferrari.
Thanks for the suggestions earlier. As it turned out (long story), I had new headers made by Forza Motoring in Toronto for $3000. Removal and installation ran another $1k. OK, that's better than $8k--but I would have paid that much for the Tubi headers if I could have gotten them somehow. It's very hard obtaining the Tubis in the U.S.

As someone said elsewhere, even if you repair a header, then the rest of the header is just circling the drain. Might as well spend an extra thousand or two and save money + time in the long run by getting new headers.
Why do the F355 manifolds fail? Stupid question perhaps, but there is manifold repair on ebay (link), and the auction says

"We also have first hand knowledge of why these exhaust manifolds fail on the F355's and it has nothing to do with the manifold."

Anybody know what they are getting at?
1 - 3 of 122 Posts
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