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I have just replaced one of my drive shaft gators so i thought i would do a write up for the Ferrarilife forum. The job is a very easy one if you follow the following steps.:thumbsup:

Tools needed are as follows.
One can of penetrating oil.
2x13mm spanners.
10mm socket and ratchet.
10mm spanner.
17mm spanner/socket.
2x19mm spanners/sockets.
2x22mm spanners/sockets.
Knuckle bar.
Allen key set.

Before you start, i highly recommend you spray all the nuts and bolts you are going to undo with penetrating oil. This will save you alot of problems. I encountered no problems with stubborn bolts because i soaked them over night.

1/ First remove the engine bay side covers via the 3 10mm bolts on each side.(Pic 1&2)
2/Remove the two airboxes via the 3 10mm nuts on each box.
3/ Unclip and remove the airflow meters, or meter depending on years.
4/ Remove the heat shield on top of drive shaft, via 2 10mm nuts.(pic3)
5/ Remove heat shield bracket via 2 13mm nuts (pic4).
6/After removing the main heat sheild over the back box via the 5 10mm nuts. Remove top Y piece exhaust/cat. If you sprayed them with penetrating oil like i suggested, then they will come undone very easly:wink: (pic5 & 6)
7/Remove lower straight pipe/cat. and lay aside with the sensor still connected. (pic 7 & 7b shows the pipe laid to one side)
8/Half shaft is now revealed (pic 8).
9/ Remove the 3 13mm bolts that hold the starter motor in. Keep all the wiring connected and just lay to the side (pic 9).
10/ The reason why the above has to be removed is because of the lack of working space on the 355. Now you will see there is a decent size working area (pic 10 shows the best position for the knuckle bar).
11/Start to crack loose the 6 13mm bolts on the CV joint. As each one is loosened the hub is held from rotating by placing a screwdriver into the slots in the brake disk. The screwdriver then jams against the caliper (pic 11). As each bolts is loosened turn the disk/drive shaft to expose a new bolt to be undone. (pic 12 shows the CV joint undone and pulled away)
12/ Remove the abs sensor via the 10mm bolt that holds it in place (pic 13)and the one that holds the cable to it on top of the hub/knuckle.
13/ Remove the caliper via the two 17mm bolts. Let it sit on a block.
14/ Remove the short 19mm bolt that hold the bottom of the shocker.
15/ Remove longer 19mm bolt that holds the top of the hub/knuckle to the upper wish bone. Making note that there are two spacers that will fall out (pic14).
16/ Undo the 17mm bolt that holds the sway/anti roll bar (pic 15)
17/ Undo the single 22mm bolt that holds the bottom of the hub/knuckle to the lower wish bone.
18/ The whole hub and drive shaft is now free to pull away although the handbrake cable will still be attached. Leave it attached:thumbsup:
You will be glad that you removed the straight pipe/cat, once you start maneuvering out the CV and shaft. There is now plenty of room to pull it out:thumbsup:
19/ Picture 16 shows the old gator on the shaft, along with the new gator and caps.
20/You will see that on top of the CV joint there is a cover. Use a drift and simply tap it of. (pic 17,18 shows it removed)
21/ On top you will see a "C" clip, remove it (pic 19).
22/ Simply slide the whole CV joint of the shaft. (pic 20,21 &22)
23/ Now remove the opposite cover that the old gator was attached to. again tap of with a drift. Its very easy to remove. (pic 23 & 24).
24/ After the CV joint has been cleaned and maybe checked if it has ran dry. Re grease the joint and tap on the bottom cover with the new gator attached. Then slide the CV joint along with attached gator, over the splined shaft and clip the end of the gator to the shaft.
25/ Fit new "C" clip on top of shaft.
26/ Finally tap on the end cover.

And as they say in the UK. "the jobs a good un":thumbsup:


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Chaz, you posted this 3 years ago but wow! I am about to tackle this and finding the information you posted here is extremely helpful. Thank you!
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