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355 GTS roof question

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Did the F335 GTS have a body colored roof panel, black, or both? Just curious as I'm considering it as my first Ferrari and I saw one on Ebay that had a black roof on a red car--not too great looking. I'd much prefer a body colored panel, I just wasn't sure if they came with only black or if you could get body colored (or both). Thanks for the help!
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You can have it painted in the body color.
Just buy a Nero 355 GTS. :wink:
All the F355 GTS' I have seen (mine included) have body colored roof panels. I believe that the black roof (or any other contrasting color) must have been a special order or done by the owner post purchase of the car. If done post purchase, I would recommend takening a very careful look at the quality of the paint job.
Quite the opposite in my knowledge, the body-coloured roof was an option (a must-have one), the default was the black vinyl, like on 308/328/348's. Don't believe that it ever became standard, even in late 98/99 production.
Wow. It looks like 95%+ demanded the option. Do you have any old F355 GTS sales brochures ?
Thanks for the help everyone!
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