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Can some 348 owners and knowledgeable 348 users help me here. What are the differences in the following two variants:

GT Competizione (50 built for the European market)


Series Speciale (100 built for the U.S. market)


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The Competizione is a 348 "Challenge" car. It has bucket seats with fireproof material and 4-point harness, different brakes, 18" split rims Speedline rims. I don't know about the engine though but our dealer had one which he refused to sell. It was salivating when I saw that car. And I don't get impressed with Ferrari that easily. That's a car I would want to own/collect.

The Series Speciale is a dressed-up 348, nothing great. I have seen photos and read description of the car in another forum and it certainly is not the Competizione. For a start the 4-point harness racing seats is not road legal in the US. So they are a world apart.

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also the Serie Speciale where the last 348's build before the 355
you could compare it with what the big manufactures do at the end of a model to get rid of their stock and give all or some extra options on it

there should also be about 3-5 cars extra build for the euro market

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Just read all of the above, and it's confused ME!! So forgive my giving my own "version of events"...

348 Serie Speciale

Launched December 1992
100 made (split between both tb and ts versions - not clear how many of each)
US only
Body coloured sills
Revised front spoiler - lipped a little like the F40 (!!!)
No rear grill - (horrible IMHO)
10bhp more power due to exhaust stuff
wider rear track
Leather sports seats

Along the same lines, UK Importer Maranello Concessionaires offered a very similar version to the UK market - the "Maranello Speciale" - unfortunately they only made 4 of them. Even more unfortunately, I missed out on buying one last year by a couple of days :cry: :cry: :cry:

348 Challenge

Kevlar racing seats with six-point harnesses
Roll cage
Challenge steering wheel and exhaust
Fire extinguisher
Drilled pedals
Battery cut-off switches
All-round brake ducting
Plastic parking light covers
Front and rear tow hooks
Solid suspension bushings

Neither is the same as the 348 GT Competizione, 348 Competizione LM, 348 GT Competizione or 348 Zagato Elaborazione - which were considerably more exotic beasts :green:
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