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348 Tyres

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Everywhere I've seen it written on the web, the 348 is said to wear 225/50-17 tyres on the rear - but mine has 255/45-17s which is what it says in the handbook I have.

Are all the web sites wrong - or is there another explanation?
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My Ferrari V8 books says 225/50 ZR 17, Pirelli 700Z or Bridgestone RE71.
The GT Competizione should have 265/40 ZR 18, so it isn't the fact your car got those wheels.

What handbook? Did it come with the car or did you purchase it later? Does it give a brand for the tyre? I'm curious :), BTW, I sent you a PM.
225 seem to be very narrow for a Ferrari. In any case I would adhere to the Owner's manual. I think the factory is in a better position to know waht is correct. The web, well they are opinions and they do have to give warranties, so they can say anything. :lol:
Hmm - I thought 225 sounded v narrow.

The handbook I have came with the car.

The brands it recommends are Pirelli P Zeros and a tyre something by Bridgestone - not sure which, I'm at work and the handbook is at home!

Hopefully Justyn will see this and let me know what's on his spyder - I'm just curious really - it's wearing what's in the handbook, so I'm certainly not worried about it.

I originally wondered whether someone had put bigger wheels on the back to try to kill some of the oversteer tendancies...


I will try and remember to take a look tonight for you. I'm not sure how clearly I will be able to see the writing on the tyre sidewall through the carcoon but I'll give it my best shot.

Here is a capture from the electronic owners manual, it says 255 on the rear:



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Cheers Justyn,

Was hoping you'd see this! Appreciate your help.

"Electronic Owners Manual"? Never heard of it? Where did you find that?

Was going to ask you about your Carcoon funnily enough - thinking of getting one of those. What size did you get/would you recommend?

Also, where are the intake fans? I've got plenty of room to the sides of the car when it's in the garage, but not much front to back - not sure if the walls will get in the way of the fans when it's inflated.

Many thanks. Bazil
Hi Bazil,

I could send you the owners manual but its 13Mb so a bit large to email.

If you register (for free) at the official Ferrari owners site: you can download electronic manuals in Adobe PDF format for most models.

If you get in touch with the company that makes the carcoon they will tell you the size you need for your car, I can't remember now what size mine was. I might be a "size 4 Wide" but I'm not positive. It was about £430 so that might help to narrow it down, you should contact them though as the size I had didn't appear on their website at the time. The url is for UK sales is

The fans go at one end or the other of the car. I don't have much room either but there is enough to allow a few inches between the fan and the wall.

I don't have the fans at the door end of the garage for 2 reasons:

1. The only power is at the opposite end of the garage.

2. The instructions tell you not to put the fans near a heat source including metal doors that can heat up in direct sunlight.

I take it you have seen the pics of my carcoon - I have posted them once or twice already?

Hope this helps,

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From a leaflet called 348 consumer information:


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Fantastic - thanks chaps.

Registered already didn't know they were there - got it now though!! Fab thanks.

Yes - saw the carcoon pics on another thread - I'll have a chat with them.

As for the tyres - I'm obviously wearing the right ones, was just curious as to why the official Ferrari site says they're different - it's obviously just an error. Unfortunately everywhere else says they're the ame as the Ferrari site, so can only assume the error has propogated out from them!

Just checked in the garage, my car has Pirelli P Zeros all round. 255 45 Z17 on the rear and 215 50 Z17 on the front, as per the owners manual.

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