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348 ts Belts and Technical Manual

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I just purchased my first Ferrari today. Although the Technical Manual was included with the vehicle, does anyone know of a better owners guide to maintain the car?

From what I am learning there is also controversy about the time between servicing the belts. The vehicle has 49,000 miles, and the last belt maintenance was in 1998 when the vehicle had 30,000 miles. All of the normal service work has been done as required, but can I wait another year and a half until the vehicle would have 60,000 miles, or should I perform the service now since it has been 5 years? One tech advised me that when the car was originally released they recommended 30,000 miles or 10 years.

Thanks to all!
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the new 348. Just curious, what year is it?

You can get a shop manual for the car which will give detailed diagrams of the parts and assembly. I believe may have this information. I will look through my PDFs and let you know if I have it (I did on CD but I think I lost that CD :evil:).

For the changing of the belt, because you are a second owner of the car I think it would give you some peace of mind to know that has been taken care of. I wouldn't wait a full year and 1/2 but a 1/2 year. Sometime next spring would be a good idea.

Lastly, welcome to the site, I hope we can help with future questions and look forward to hearing some stories of wonderful Hwy 1 drives.
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