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The 348 that I thought I was buying has been sold to someone else and I'm very angry about it :evil:

I looked at the car last weekend and agreed to buy it for £33,500 GBP subject to the car being inspected by a Ferrari expert. We agreed this price and shook hands on it.

The car was checked over yesterday at a cost of £100 (3 hours work) and I contacted the vendor to arrange for me to collect it.

He then told me that he had received two offers of the full asking price since I viewed it (£34,000) and that he wanted to suggest that everyone emailed in their highest bids.

I was livid, I pointed out that we had verbally agreed a sale (which is as legally binding as a written contract) and that he should be a gentleman and honour our agreement. I also stressed that if he didn't sell the car to me then I would not pay the £100 for checking it over and that would be down to him to sort out. Out of principal I said that I would not get involved in any kind of bidding war and that I would not increase my original offer.

Well, he emailed me this morning to say that he has sold it to someone else and they are paying the £100 also.

It seems that his greed for a measly £500 was more important to him than being a gentleman and honouring the verbal agreement we had.

So I'm back in the market for a 348 and beginning to get fed up of wasting my time searching for good ones. I have found a UK RHD 1994 spyder with just over 20k miles which the owner says is immaculate but he wants £40k for it and its going to take me a whole day and a tank of fuel to go and see it.

I started off looking at a 348 that was £29k and now I'm looking at £40k cars which is almost RHD 355 money. I have also seen a Countach advertised at £40k and am sure I could get a good De Tomaso Pantera for this sort of money too. So I'm now asking myself whether I pay £40k for a 348 or go for a different car?

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!


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Sorry to hear that. That is a real bummer. To me a handshake is a done deal. For him to come back later and invite you to bid on a car he already agreed to sell you shows a definite degree of "weaselness". I am glad you told him to piss off.

As far as which car.....That is entirely up to you of course. It is my understanding that the Lambo isn't as reliable a car as the Ferrari. I always liked the Pantera and even considered purchasing one. But what I really wanted was a Ferrari. :D

Back to the hunt?

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I'm sorry to hear that Justyn, that's terrible
and i feel like kicking that seller, he agreed to a binding contract.

Personlly i would go with a Ferrari :wink:
but if you are going to pay that much then you might also consider an early 355
I wouldn't go with the Countach, i don't like that design, you can barelly see thru the rearwindow and the side mirrors have blind spots and also de gearbox of the Countach isn't very reliable.
a Pantera is a lot cooler then


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sorry to hear that. I know how you feel, I have been on the receiving end of deals like that before.

Think of it this way though, you will have more time now to save money to find another, possibly at a better price? who knows??? I always think there is a reason for things happening in life. Have faith, things always work out for better when you have faith.

Good luck!

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Well being a Ferrari site you will of course get a biased opinion. Being as objective as possible, I think both the 348 and F355 are more refined than the Countach. The Lambo is a very tiresome car to drive compared to the Ferraris.

As for the guy you were dealing with. One word: [insert explict/deragatory term of your choice]

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You were absolutely screwed.

That dealer probably told the others that it had been checked recently (by you) and the other buyer snapped it up!

If he wants to play that game, you can screw them too by announcing who that dealer is so that everyone can avoid him and the shop. Less business=less income=forced sale :)
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